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The chronology of Modern Gods

Any attempt at a chronology of this period is at best tentative, but cross-referencing the events described with other historical sources, we are able to piece together a rough guess at the progress of events.  

Prehistory: Londos steals the wife of Enslas. The Partaks campaign against the Joraks. Licca slays Dogrus.
The age of Kospok, Purid and Shoola. Ratos forced to drink a cup of Saplon and dies. Talo writes down his wisdom.
The rise and fall of the empires of the Dacians, Sabines and Galls. The fall of Zanbym.
700's: The last of the Crecian kings? The campaigns of Horumnabula.
Late 800's The prophet Zesche walks the Earth.
899 The followers of Pondus battle with the vassals of Batavus in the land of Xan.
905 The painter Googan dies on the Southern Isles.
910 Death of the painter Hoolma.
914-945 The wars between Pondus and Marcus. Rubus cuts off Marcus' foot.
947 Pondus retreats from Nadia. Mahama dies.
953 Ginik and Satwa discover the shape of the human soul.
962 The goddess Norja is assumed into heaven.
960's Josus at war with the Cucians.
969 Birth of the prophet Dermonius.
975 The battle between Molius and Fortuna.
980 The battle between Fedborg and Subratus.
981 The marriage of Caal and Doona. Malveno steals Pondus' sheep and is slain.
Magtat becomes the chief vassal in Pondus' lands.
980's The plague spreads among the tribes.
990's Dermonius travels in the land of the Navenes. Keeb steals the Golden Ball.
997 Brilo is made chief vassal in Pondus' lands.
1001 Dolarus is bitten by a rabid dog. Simla hides.
1003 Pondus and Dolarus sally into the desert and find Huda in a hole.
1005 Caal marries Horsa.

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