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An Alternative History of the Earth

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Shub the Foolish leads his overgod Dolarus to war in the desert with the evil Huda while the elusive Simla looks on plotting mischief; in the lands of Pondus, Brilo conceals the secret of his birth, while the prophet Chatus teaches the tribes how to wander; and Fedborg and Subratus fight an epic duel on a grassy plain.

In Modern Gods Damian Flanagan uncovers the epic saga of a mysterious world filled with many god-like heroes and villains, dazzling exploits and dastardly deeds...a world curiously similar to our own. Mythology turns satirical in this masterly summation of the age.



The Chronicles of the Gods 

             "In the beginning, the universe was dark and Chaos roamed the earth. The gods grew weary of their strength and fell to fighting with one another..."

The Battles between the Warriors

              "From Gotkrank in the north to Malium in the south the people come, their faces painted in red and white, their clothing adorned in the colours of the tribe and emblazoned with the names of the gods..."

The Words of the Prophets

               "So it was that the peoples lived most strictured lives. They longed to sing and make merry and know the love of many souls, but the Pharsees hurled stones at all those who dared to love life..."

The Visions of the Idols

                "The free spirits of this world love the desert, but the freer they are, the more they long for the towns..."

The Divinations of the Soothsayers

                 "Amongst the peoples of the earth, all agree that the greatest of the soothsayers was Toostan for he taught them to see that their understanding of all things was relative to their position upon the earth..."

The Languages of the Tribes

In the beginning, all the peoples of the earth spoke one tongue..."
Therefore take this as your true book and rejoice - for the great age of man is at hand.